New Centers of Power Notes | Class 12 Political Science| NCERT

Hey guys ! So here is the notes of Chapter New Centers of Power, which was added new to the syllabus of political science of Class 12.

In this chapter, you have to cover a detailed explanation of 4 Organisation i.e. European Union, ASEAN, SAARC and BRIC. and 4 countries i.e. China, Russia, India, and Israel.

Full notes of all these topics are covered in the notes below, which is fully based and prepared from NCERT.

Download the free pdf of notes from here 👇

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  1. Plz make other chapter notes of political science ….and also make geography notes for class 12 th plzz mam

  2. Thank you so much ❤️ this was very helpful and clear and in this time of pandemic when the education of children are being neglected you provided a aid thank you so much for your efforts 🙏 really appreciate it

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