Ch 3 Class 12 History Notes | Social History : Kinship, Caste and Class | NCERT

Hey ! Are you looking for notes of Ch 3 of Class 12 History that is Kinship, Caste and Class whose name changed to Social History according to the latest syllabus; then you landed on the right place.

Here, i will provide you handwritten notes of Ch 3 which will be crisp and easy to understand.

In this chapter, you will read about the society and social history between the time period 600BCE -600CE. You will get to know about family system, gotra, marriage system, patriliny, social differences, etc. with the base of Mahabharta events.

First, read this chapter with full curiosity and interest and you can watch my videos alongside too for better understanding. Then, refer the notes, look into the questions answers, important questions and previous years asked questions. Don’t forget to revise the topic. These notes will also help you in revision quickly.

Download the free pdf :👇

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  1. Your notes are the best. They 🙃are so easy and helpful for me! The efforts means to say the every important point is there. Thanks a alot……

  2. hey , your notes are great !!!!!! are they enough to study for TERM 1 MCQ BOARD exams ? and reading the chapter of course

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