Ch 10 Human Settlements Class 12 Geography | Notes and Questions | NCERT

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Human Settlement
. A place inhabited more or less permanently.
. cluster of dwellings of any type or size where human beings live
. They vary in size from hamlet to metropolitan cities, they may be small and large closed or spaced, they may practice primary / secondary/ tertiary

Types and Patterns of Settlements
Settlements can be classified into compact and dispersed by their shape, pattern and types. The major types classified by shape are as follows:

  • Compact or Nucleated Settlements In these settlements, large number of houses are built very close to each other and they develop along the river valleys and in fertile plains. There are close knit communities and people here share common occupations.
  • Dispersed Settlements In these settlements, houses are spaced far apart and often interspersed with fields such as a place of worship, a market that binds the settlement together.

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