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Ch 4 Thinkers, beliefs and buildings whose name changed recently according to the new syllabus, will give you a beautiful touch of Buddhism and Jainism. You will get to know about Sanchi Stupa, about Buddha and his teachings, you will get to know about Jainism and their teachings, and little bit about Puranic Hinduism.

This chapter is not at all difficult as it seems. Take interest and try to feel what this chapter wanted to tell you.

First read this chapter twice and you can watch my videos on youtube along for more understanding, then refer the notes, attempt question answers and look for important questions. Most importantly, don’t forget to revise. You will be done with this chapter.

Time Line:

  • 468 B.C.   Mahavira passed away and attained Nirwan at the age of 72.
  • First century B.C.E.  Jainism enjoyed the patronage of the Kalinga king Kharavela.
  • Fourth century B.C.E.  Jainism spread to Kalinga in Orissa (Odisha).
  • 563 B.C.E.  Gautama Buddha was bom in a Shakya Kshatriya family in Kapilavastu.
  • 487 B.C.E.  The First Buddhist Council.
  • 387 B.C.E.  The Second Buddhist Council.
  • 251 B.C.  The Third Buddhist Council.

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